PCS 2021 Awards

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Top-10 Papers

In submission order.

  • Sparse Coding-Based Intra Prediction In VVC
    J. Schneider, D. Mehlem, M. Meyer, C. Rohlfing (RWTH Aachen) – Paper 19
  • Assessment Of Subjective And Objective Quality Of Live Streaming Sports Videos
    Z. Shang (University of Texas, Austin), J. Ebenezer (University of Texas, Austin), Y. Wu (Amazon), H. Wei (Amazon), S. Sethuraman (Amazon), A. Bovik (University of Texas, Austin) – Paper 23
  • Hardware Friendly Interweaved Prediction For Affine Motion Compensation
    T. Fu (Peking University), K. Zhang (Bytedance Inc.), L. Zhang (Bytedance Inc.), S. Wang (Peking University), S. Ma (Peking University) – Paper 24
  • Model Selection CNN-Based VVC Quality Enhancement
    Nasiri (bcom), W. Hamidouche (INSA Rennes), L. Morin (INSA Rennes), N. Dhollande (Aviwest), G. Cochorel (Aviwest) – Paper 48
  • Combined Neural Network-Based Intra Prediction And Transform Selection
    T. Dumas, P. Bordes, F. Galpin (InterDigital) – Paper 63
  • Near Optimal Per-Clip Lagrangian Multiplier Prediction In HEVC
    D. J. Ringis F. Pitie; A. Kokaram (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) – Paper 64
  • Fast Versatile Video Coding Using Specialised Decision Trees
    G. Kulupana, P. Malladi, Saverio Blasi (BBC) – Paper 73
  • Exploiting The 3D Structures Observed In 2D Video Sequences For Motion Compensation
    H. B. Golestani, J.-R. Ohm (RWTH Aachen) – Paper 79
  • Rate-Distortion-Time Cost Aware CNN Training For Fast VVC Intra-Picture Partitioning Decisions
    G. Tech, J. Pfaff, H. Schwarz (Fraunhofer-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik, HHI) – Paper 83
  • Learned Image Compression With Fixed-Point Arithmetic
    H. Sun (Waseda University), L. Yu (Zhejiang University), J. Katto (Waseda University) – Paper 92

Best Paper Award

  • Exploiting The 3D Structures Observed In 2D Video Sequences For Motion Compensation
  • Hossein Bakhshi Golestani and Jens-Rainer Ohm

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Best Student Paper Award

  • Sparse Coding-Based Intra Prediction in VVC
  • Jens Schneider, Dominik Mehlem, Maria Meyer, and Christian Rohlfing

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Best Presentation Award

  • 3D Scene Compression through Entropy Penalized Neural Representation Functions
  • Thomas Bird, Johannes Ballé, Saurabh Singh, and Philip A. Chou

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