Panel Discussion

Real-Time Video in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 has brought real-time video communication at the forefront of the international agenda and compressed about a decade’s worth of consumer innovation in only a few months. People of all ages have been spending endless hours talking with friends, family members, teachers, work colleagues, banking representatives, doctors, etc. over a video connection on a phone, table, or personal computer. There is probably no human activity that we, as a society, have not examined how to conduct over video during the last year, and probably several for which we found how to do them better. This panel will explore the role and challenges of real-time video in the COVID-19 and post-pandemic era: codec support, multi-platform challenges, scaling to millions of users, as well as advanced usability and automation features that make day-to-day video communication easier and more effective.

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Moderator and Panellists

Alex Eleftheriadis
Chief Scientist, Enghouse Vidyo & Big Pi Ventures (moderator)
Thomas Davies
Principal Engineer, Collaboration Technology Group, Cisco
Shan Liu
Distinguished Scientist and General Manager, Tencent
Bernard Aboba
Principal Architect, Microsoft
Michael Horowitz
Software Engineer, Google
Li-Tal Mashiach