Agenda at a Glance

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Times shown are for UK BST (British Summer Time).

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08:30-08:50 P1: Welcome Open Briefing and Statistics – I
09:00-10:00 K1: Plenary: HTTP Adaptive Streaming – Quo Vadis?,Christian Timmerer
10:20-12:40 SS1: Special Session: AI for VVC Optimisations and Enhancements
12:40-13:20 N1: Lunch/Networking
13:20-14:20 SS2: Special Session: Coding and Quality Evaluation of Light-fields
14.20-14.40 N2: Networking Break
14.40-16.20 PS1: Poster Session I
16.40-17:40 W1: Workshop Facebook : Delivering Media for Billions
17:40-18:00 N3: Networking Break
18:00-18:30 P2: Welcome Open Briefing and Statistics – II


09:00-9:45 Aardman Workshop: Make your own Shaun the Sheep
09:45-10:00 N4: Networking Break
10:00-12:20 L1: Lectures – New Technologies and Emerging Standards
12:20-13:20 N5: Lunch/Networking
13:20-15.00 SS3: Special Session: Learning-Based Image Coding
15:00-15:20 N6: Networking Break
15.20-16.20 W2: Workshop Tencent : Multimedia Technologies and Solutions in Tencent
16.20-16:40 N6: Networking Break
16:40-17:40 K2: Plenary: Video Codec Standardization and Ecosystem Update, Jill Boyce
18:00-18:50 BBC Studios Natural History Unit – Delivering It’s Promise
19:00-19:45 Aardman Workshop: Make your own Shaun the Sheep


10:00-12:00 PS2: Poster Session II
12:00-13:00 N7: Lunch/Networking
13:00-14:20 SS4: Special Session – Part I: Perceptually Driven Techniques for Video Compression and Quality Assessment
14:20-14:40 N8: Networking Break
14:40-15:50 SS4: Special Session – Part II: Perceptually Driven Techniques for Video Compression and Quality Assessment
16.00-17.00 K3: Plenary: Learning Based Visual Data Compression – Technologies and Standards, Shan Liu
17.00-17.20 N9: Networking Break
17:20-18:20 W3: Workshop Netflix : Challenges in the Video Compression World
18:40-20:00 PCS 2021 – Socials


11:00-12:00 W4: Workshop HHI : Versatile Video Coding – Open Optimized Implementations
12.20-13.20 N10: Lunch/Networking
13.20 -14:40 L2: Lectures – Coding Tools and Optimizations
15:00-16:20 SS5: Special Session: Video Coding for Large Scale HTTP Adaptive Streaming Deployments
17:00-18:00 K4 Panel Discussion: Real-Time Video in the COVID-19 Era
17:50-18.10 P3: Awards, Appreciations, and Farewell

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