Presentation Preparation and Submission

Presentation Preparation Instructions

The accepted papers will be presented in two ways: in Lectures and in Posters.

  • Pre-recorded 15-minute Lectures that will be released at the scheduled time of presentation during the conference and will also be available afterwards. A 5-minute live Q&A will follow where attendees can address questions to the speaker.
  • Pre-recorded 5-minute Poster presentations. Attendees will be able to view your poster and join an online “room” in which you all will be able to discuss about the work.

The type of presentation does not reflect on the quality of the submission. The criteria for the selection were relevant to the topic and practical aspects of the technical program.

Software Tools for Recording Videos

You can prepare your video using any recording and editing tool that will produce an output in mp4. Here are a few links to instructions on commonly used platforms:

Instructions for Recording your Videos

To ensure a uniformly pleasant experience for all, we would like to encourage except for a voice over slides presentation to include the following:

  • Using a noise-free space and preferably an external microphone for the audio recording is recommended.
  • A brief introduction on a web cam in the first slide or having a video of the presenter in one of the top corners.
  • In both Presentations and Posters, try to include animations/videos, where feasible, to better illustrate the concepts or demos of practical implementations.
  • Include the title of the paper, the authors, and a mention to PCS2021 (e.g., logo).
  • Include acknowledgements to your sponsors/funding bodies.
  • Include links to datasets/demos/code/supplementary material.
  • Include References.
  • Closed caption is recommended to be included in the video.
  • Duration of Videos: 5 minutes for Posters and 15 minutes for presentations. Within that interval, choose a duration that you feel will best engage your audience
  • File size: 250MB max
  • Video file format: mp4
  • Dimensions: Minimum height 1080 pixels, aspect ratio: 16:9

Please note the final specifications will be checked at the time of submission and files not compliant may not be uploaded to the platform.

Instructions for Sending/Uploading Recorded Videos

The deadline for uploading the recorded videos is the 14 June 2021. Failure to do so will be considered as a “no-show” and the paper will be retracted from the proceedings.

  • Please follow the following file naming convention before uploading the recorded video: <PaperID>_<Lecture or Poster>_<Speaker Lastname>.mp4, e.g., 18_Lecture_Smith.mp4 or 19_Poster_Neumann.mp4#
  • We recommend to share the files through an online drive such as Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer. For the participants from China, we encourage the use of WeTransfer and not an online drive that requires registration to access the data.
  • The email address to share the videos is

Poster Presentation Instructions

Presenters should upload a preview image of the poster (recommended image dimensions: 800px x 450px (Max 1000px x 1000px), and a pdf version of the full poster to the Whova platform. Instruction on how to upload these items will be emailed out to all presenters via the Whova platform.

The format for the pdf file is as follows:

  • File Type: PDF Max File Size: 10 MB PDF Size: A0 – Landscape 1189 mm wide x 841 mm tall (46.8 inches x 33.1 inches)
  • Must be a single page.
  • Must be saved to open to “fit page” size (in Acrobat: Preferences – Page Display – Page Layout – Zoom – Fit Page)
  • Video/animation should not be embedded in the PDF version of the poster, but are strongly advised to be used for the recorded video and the online Q&A session (speakers will be able to share their posters).
  • Hyperlinks are acceptable.

Additional Material

We are providing a set of files (svg, png, eps, and pdf) of our logo and a MS Powerpoint template as an example for presentations and posters.